Unleash your Harmonic Potential

Stop trying to manage your health and fitness on your own! Work with our talented team to build a custom tailored plan to meet your individual needs so you can unleash your potential.

Achieve your training & fitness goals

Harmonic Potential offers one on one, personalized guidance to help you reach your aesthetic and athletic goals.

Our vision encompasses you reaching your goals. We strive to distill down our wealth of knowledge, support and guidance into a individualized plan that will help you discover your potential.


Imagine having a personal guide on your journey to optimal health, performance, and well-being. When you work one to one with a nutrition coach, that’s exactly what you get! Through weekly online check-ins, monthly calls, accountability and on-going support, you’ll learn the invaluable skills needed to make sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Just a snippet of what’s included in our nutrition coaching packages:

• A thorough analysis of your unique nutritional and health needs and a customized plan including calorie*, macronutrient, fiber, hydration, and supplement recommendations. *Calorie and macro tracking are NOT required and only used when appropriate for your goals.
• Strategies to make meal planning and preparation faster and easier.
• Strategies to navigate your nutrition in ANY situation.
• How to set your environment up for success.
• Processes to uncover the underlying causes of your eating habits, patterns, and behaviours and how you can change them.
• Steps to develop a holistic lifestyle approach that promotes long-term success with your goals.
• Processes and support to overcome negative beliefs about your body image and self.
• Access to our exclusive Facebook community.

Whether you’re looking to lose a few unwanted pounds, boost your strength and performance, improve your health or develop a healthier relationship with your body and food, we will work with you to get you where you want to go!

Membership Options

  • Packages starting at just $263/month.

Online Training


Our online custom training programs offer a personalized approach to achieving your fitness goals with the convenience of remote accessibility.

Just a snippet of what’s included:

• A personalized fitness plan that takes into account your preferences, any physical limitations, and the equipment you have available, ensuring a program that’s perfectly suited to your individual needs.
• Professional guidance. You’ll have direct access to your coach who will serve as your guide and motivator throughout your program. Your coach will provide support, answer your questions, and monitor your progress, offering ongoing adjustments and recommendations to help you reach your goals. This includes weekly video/online feedback and coaching cues on your training to ensure that you are using appropriate technique and good form.
• Work out on your own schedule! There’s no need to commute to a gym or adhere to specific class times, giving you the freedom to exercise when and where it’s most convenient for you.
• Progress tracking through the TrainHeroic app.
• Access to our exclusive Facebook community.

Membership Options

  • Packages starting at just $149/month.


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