Sean Lind

Sean is a strength & conditioning coach and certified nutritionist who loves to help people attain their goals. Sean has over 20 years of coaching experience with a wide variety of clients ranging from world champions in their sport to the everyday individual. With a diverse background in athletics ranging from gymnastics, weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit, and martial arts.

Prior to becoming a coach, Sean had aspirations to become a lawyer. However, he soon realized this wasn’t going to be a fulfilling path. Sean has traveled the world to teach courses, and also take them in the pursuit of knowledge. Today Sean offers a wide range of programs and services – from individual coaching in training and nutrition to seminars.


MNU Certified Nutritionist
Precision Nutrition 1 & 2

NCCP Lv 2 Gymnastics coach (MAG & WAG)
NCCP weightlifting
Agatsu Level 1
Crossfit Level 3

  • Aerobic Capacity Trainer
  • Competitor Trainer
  • Football Trainer
  • Gymnastics Trainer
  • Mobility Trainer
  • Powerlifting Trainer
  • Weightlifting Trainer

Meghan Elayne

Growing up in Shuswap Lake, British Columbia, Meghan was encouraged to spend most of her free time being active. Swimming, running, biking, hiking and downhill skiing were all staple activities of her youth. This active upbringing motivated her to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Coaching and eventually obtain her personal training certification with the BCRPA. In 2020, after gaining over 30 pounds and trying many fad diets with no success, she knew she needed to educate herself further on nutrition. She is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach and became an MNU Certified Nutritionist in late 2022. Since 2020, she has drastically improved her body composition and with her knowledge and experience, coaches others to do the same without sacrificing the balance in their lives. Meghan believes that health is holistic and coaches her clients to build strength, optimal health, self-confidence, and self-love through nutrition, movement, and mindfulness.

Meghan’s coaching style is client centered with an emphasis on providing the most up to date and practical knowledge to help you navigate much of the misinformation that currently exists in the fitness and nutrition industry.

Outside of coaching and training, Meghan has a passion for travel and all things outdoors. She loves to step outside her comfort zone and regularly seeks out new, exciting experiences that elevate her personal growth.

Her Certifications Include:

• Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching – Douglas College
• Mac Nutrition University (MNU) Certified Nutritionist
• Precision Nutrition Level 1
• BCRPA Registered Personal Trainer
• Fit4Two Pre and Post Natal Fitness
• Agatsu Level 1 Kettlebell Certification
• NCCP Competition Development Trained:

Professional Development

• Fundamental Movement Skills

NCCP Competition-Introduction

• Basic Mental Skills
• Plan a Practice
• Teaching & Learning
• Design a Basic Sport Program
• Making Ethical Decisions + Making Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation
• Nutrition

NCCP Competition-Development

• Developing Athletic Abilities
• Prevention and Recovery
• Manage Conflict
• Coaching and Leading Effectively
• Leading Drug Free Sport
• Psychology of Performance